GAVITI Gaviti is an Israeli startup with a mission to revolutionize the collections industry. Their automated A/R solution streamlines the collections process and accelerates cash flow. We constructed Gaviti’s visual strategy from the ground up and translating it into a unique brand language including marketing assets that support long term business goals . visit


UPSOLVER Upsolver is an Israeli startup with offices in Israel and the US. It eliminates the engineering complexity from data lake management, helping solve data challenges in real-time, at any scale and without having to create big data engineering silos. Upsolver has been working with us since 2019 on transforming their brand identity and creating […]


NITROMIA Why Nitromia? Imagine a world where you can extract insights from your data and perform advanced analytics without worrying about data leakage, attacks and compliance. With Nitromia’s fully homomorphic cryptography, companies perform advanced data science and computations at minimum risk with zero exposure for data at rest and in transit. I was tasked with […]

Brooks Keret

BROOKS-KERET New markets are taking a new turn. Brooks-Keret Financial Management is Israel’s leading financial services firm dedicated to helping Hi-tech and Startup companies make their journey to success stories. Brooks’ Management realized that in order to reach new audiences, it is necessary to create an up-to-date look in order to strengthen the message to […]


ATIDOT In a sea of irrelevant content, there is a need for a smart and unique tool that will “fish” the exact information necessary to enable customers’ business. This is where Atidot comes in–it is the creator of such technology! Aditot’s new website contains a new look and feel, including icons and content that clearly […]


BRAINVIVO Brainvivo startup based on a ground breaking research held in Tel-Aviv University has been selected to represent Israel at Falling Walls Berlin. Brainvivo is the next generation of brain imaging technologies, which convert clinical MRI scanners into virtual microscopes, developing a game changing imaging tool-set for diagnosis, monitoring and personalized treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. […]


EMYOLI A combination of three services should be represented in the logo while they are differentiated from each other, yet on the other hand work together through conceptual and business cooperation. This was the task of designing a new Emyoli logo. The graphic language created around the idea of ​​the logo is implemented in all […]


JACOB BAR SHALOM Jacob is a seasoned Lecturer for senior executives in international forums, specializing in Fin-Tech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Jacob core values as a Business Consultant are reflected in the branding process and the graphic language; Colors and graphic style that convey business stability, responsibility, seriousness and elegance. The graphic language is used in […]


BIO-BEAT Biobeat watch is a game changer in the field of non-invasive medicine; monitoring of vital signs and other medically relevant parameters. Biobeat’s solution allows patients to be treated at the comfort of their homes, rather than in the hospital. To accomplish this task, the visual language was chosen to conveyed clarity and interest through […]


UNBOUND Graphic design of marketing materials for Unbound.Unbound Tech develops cyber security technology that protects cryptographic keys and passwords. Unbound recently won the prime minister’s award for israeli innovation