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"Racheli is not only a top-notch graphic designer, she is also a brilliant and experienced marketing professional. After an organized and extensive process which included guided questions, examples from companies across industries, and lots of trial and error – we came to a correct graphic language, a creative and smart logo that reflects what we do and the products our company promotes.
We are still working with Racheli on other projects."
Assaf Horowitz
CEO & Co-Founder at Brainvivo


In a highly competitive world in which technology dictates rules of behavior and changes consumer habits in such short periods of time, we need to communicate our ideas clearly and accurately to effectively reach the right destination–the customer.
With over 20 years of working with different audiences on diverse digital media platforms, I have gained extensive experience enabling me to develop a methodology based on research and analytics–whose results are translated into a visual language conveying your desired messaging.

Recent Projects:

Gaviti | Upsolver  |  Nitromia  |  YouAppi  |  Brainvivo


Thanks for inviting us to submit a proposal to design a new branding system for Aspect.

This quote for design services is prepared for Aspect in response to the request received on November 4, 2020 by Eliran from Aspect.

It does not include any printing costs for print items.
This quotation will remain open and unexpired for 30 days.


The objective is to create a new visual identity for your company, made up of a new logo and visual brand elements. The design will be simple, concise and effective. It will represent your company values both internally and externally – while setting you apart from your competitors

Your new logo and supporting brand elements will be designed in such a way that they can be used across a wide range of media, while maintaining the integrity of your brand, no matter the context.

work process

  1. Upon quote approval and after receiving massaging and research results on your company we will start with the design work.
  2. Initial concepts and design – we’ll provide several ideas, refine, and present the chosen concept.
  3. Final presentation of your new visual identity.
  4. Supply logo/graphics files.


  1. Timeline will be set between the designer and the client according to the client’s needs and the designer’s availability.
  2. Images provided by the designer’s image-bank will not be charged an additional fee.
    If the purchase of images from an online image bank increases, the payment will be subject to the customer’s approval.
    Estimated price per image is about $10.
  3. This project is limited to two work rounds.


  1. Prices do not include VAT.
  2. A deposit of 40% is required to begin design services.
  3. Final payment is due upon receipt of the final deliverable.

This approval is acceptance of payment, terms and conditions as specified in this document.

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